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Soursop - aka custard apple cancer home remedy juice extractSoursop – aka custard apple in English is a fruit that is color green and has spikes on its body. Other names are guyabano (name known in the Philippines) include: guanábana (Spanish), graviola (Portuguese), pawpaw (in Brazil), corossol (French) and guabana in some Asian countries. Its fruit comes from the Graviola tree.


Some believe that is a very effective remedy against all types of cancer even in late stages. It is effective against fungal and yeast infections caused by candida albicans. Also some people find it helpful treating flu, sinusitis, and dandruff. Some people with diabetes use it also to treat their toe fungal infection and skin asthma also eczema. People drink soursop juice too to cure their tuberculosis, pneumonia, and bronchitis.


Ovarian Cancer cyst paragis

Soursop For Ovarian Cancer

Some people on Facebook group about herbal alternatives said that drinking a pure soursop extract helped them cure their ovarian cancer. A girl said that she released the cyst and it was like a tumor with meat and some nerves. The ovarian cyst is deadly if not treated properly and can lead to ovary cancer even in a late stage like stage 4.



Soursop For Lung Cancer

Soursop For Lung Cancer

Some people also believe that drinking a soursop aka guabana juice extract in the morning cures a lung cancer even in stage 4. You just need to drink it with an empty stomach and drink atleast2 glasses for 3 months without skipping even just one day. People in the Philippines also said that they use this fruit as an alternative for lung cancer treatment. It is effective too in lung tumor and cyst.



Soursop For Leukemia aka Cancer in Blood

Soursop For Leukemia aka Cancer in Blood

There was a girl that had a sever stage of Leukemia in the Philippines and told other people what she did to cure her blood cancer. She said she ate a bunch of soursop or custard apple every morning with an empty stomach for 2 months straight and she felt very well day by day. As you know soursop is a special fruit that fights against leukemia that the government did not want us to know because the pharmaceutical companies will go bankrupt.

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